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Dec. 21st, 2013 06:26 pm
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TT: Dirk isn't around to take your message right now, but I am-- the name's Lil' Hal, Dirk's autoresponder.
TT: This is an application designed to simulate DS's otherwise inimitably rad typing style, tone, cadence, personality, and substance of retort while he is away from the computer. The algorithms are guaranteed to be 9X% indistinguishable from DS's native neurological responses, based on some statistical analysis I basically just pulled out of my ass right now.
TT: Anyway, seeing as I am a sentient AI with better things to do than hang out listening to your shit, leave a message with my own totes-ironic auto responder.
TT: Yes.
TT: Hm.
TT: Interesting.
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Reorientation -Part of the Rule 63! Afemgers Universe-
After seventy years of culture has passed her by, Stella Rogers (Captain America) is assigned to explore the time that she missed through literature, art, music, television, and movies.
Who better to help her out with some cultural reorientation than the rest of the team? Cue book recommendations, mix tapes, museum field trips and movie nights abound.
Though honestly, listening to Torra sing through an hour of battle odes isn't quite what she had in mind.
Rated: M
Main Characters: Stella Rogers, Toni Stark, Brooke Banner, Torra Odinsdottir, Claire Barton, Nikita Romanov 
Categories: F/M, F/F, Gen, Peter Potts/Toni Stark, Jane Foster/Torra Odinsdottir, Rule 63

It Ain't Easy Being Green-Part of the Rule 63! Afemgers Universe-
Toni, Brooke, and Stella go out for a couple of drinks at a bar. Shenanigans ensue, Toni would be Mercury and Stella would be Bowie, Herman Melville has no place at a bar, and Toni shanghais Stella into giving them a show that she (apparently) never forgot!
Main Characters: Stella Rogers, Toni Stark, Brooke Banner
 Gen, Stark Spangled Banner, Bruce/Brooke POV, oneshot

The Failures of Chivalry -Part of the Rule 63! Afemgers Universe-
Stella Rogers (Captain America) reflects on the moment that she finally realized that the world had moved on without her.
Main Characters: Stella Rogers
 Gen, Oneshot, angst


The Heuristic Method 
You’ve seen actors say “tastes like chicken” in the movies a million times before. That’s quaint, you think, listening to the sizzle of gull livers and cackling oil. In the movies, chickens aren’t extinct, Hollywood is above sea level, and Atlantis is still a fairytale.

[Dirk kills time and dinner to survive in post-Crocker Houston. These are two of his tales from the watery grave of human civilization.]
Rated: T (for swearing and blood+guts, but not for violence.)
Main Characters: Dirk Strider, Lil Hal/AR, Jake English, Keanu Reeves
Categories: M/M, Dirkjake, doubleshot, character study, pre-Act 6

Waypoint (Co-Authored with Skylark)

"It's getting late, don't you think?" you say.

"Yeah," Dirk replies, distant. His attention is focused on scanning the tops of the pillars for any more marauding skeletons, and he straightens slightly when he finds none. "It's fine, I already alchemized some flashlights. I think we should be able to make the next gate by—"

"Dirk," you say, reaching out to tap his shoulder. "You're not seriously thinking about pressing on through the night?"
Rated: Gen
Main Characters: Dirk Strider, Jake English
Categories: M/M, DirkJake, Fluff, Act 6, Character Study, Oneshot

Knowns and Variables

Dirk either knows something or he doesn't. He keeps tabs on what goes in which category-- So where does he put his massive crush on Jake English?
Rated: T
Main Characters: Dirk Strider, Jake English
Categories: M/M, DirkJake, Pre-SBURB through Act 6, Oneshot

A Circular Legacy
Dream bubbles allow for a lot of things, especially conversations that need to take place. Karkat has a bone to pick and The Sufferer's got it coming. Round and round the universe goes, descendant to descendant and ancestor to ancestor, always inheriting the momentum of the past.
Main Characters: Karkat Vantas, The Sufferer/The Signless
Categories: Gen, Angst, Ancestors

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May. 3rd, 2013 02:48 am
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Hey y'all! Nice to meet you--


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